Controller and Sensor Bundle


Nature, nurtured with intelligence

The ultimate all-in-one setup designed to help perfect your watering schedule and keep plants happy while saving every precious drop of water.

In less than 15 minutes…

You can transform your old, traditional watering system into a sophisticated, AI-driven network – running on the world’s best data. Soildrops is effortless irrigation perfected – a truly seamless solution that leads to a lush, vibrant garden.

Only Soildrops Can Be Called
The Pinnacle of Precision

Our AI Can Be Your...

Personal Gardening Assistant

Soildrops AI-driven technology monitors soil moisture, adapts to weather patterns, and understands the unique water needs of over 10,000 plants. It can detect leaks in your system, and it learns over time. It's not just irrigation; it's intelligent care for your garden.

The Perks

Advanced Soil Monitoring

Delve deep into the needs of your garden with precise soil moisture data, connected to a self-learning AI system.

Controlled Spending on Water

Eliminate unnecessary
costs due to overuse and inefficient watering practices.

Effortless Setup

Managing your garden
is easy (almost effortless!) with our user-friendly app.