About Us


Welcome to SoilDrops, a company born from a commitment to sustainable gardening and water conservation. Our journey began with a simple insight: plants thrive not on excess water, but on the right balance of water and oxygen. This realization came from Daniel Zhao, our founder, whose backyard privacy hedges, despite being super drought-tolerant, suffered due to overwatering. This highlighted a common challenge: the difficulty in determining the right amount of water for plants and the inefficiency of outdated irrigation systems.

With residential water usage in the U.S. at an 10 trillion gallons annually, and astonishing 2.5 trillion of that wasted on overwatering, SoilDrops aims to save water and plants by revolutionizing watering practices. We offer innovative solutions to help gardeners and homeowners conserve water, reduce waste, and promote plant health.

SoilDrops isn't just a company; it's a movement towards a sustainable future. We invite gardening enthusiasts of all levels to join us in reducing overwatering and preserving our environment. Together, we can create a more water-wise world and ensure the health and beauty of our gardens for generations to come.